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Yona Intimate Perfecting Sheet Mask (Single)

Soothing cabine care for intimate areas - for sensitive skin weakened by waxing, shaving or friction from clothing.


Features and benefits


  • Bikini sheet mask – a perfecting sheet mask for the intimate feminine area
  • Ideal for use 48 hours after waxing – contains calendula flower to soothe and rejuvenate the skin
  • Containing lemon caviar extract – with AHAs to gently exfoliate and help reduce ingrown hairs and pimples
  • Tested by gynaecologists – based on informed medical advice
  • 100% recyclable packaging – responsible
  • Vegan – honest, clean and ethical

Intimate body routine by YONA
YONA embodies unique care for the intimate feminine area. Featuring an innovative range of highly effective professional premium care products to tackle issues such as ingrown hairs, bumps, skin irritation and lack of skin uniformity, YONA ensures that no issue is taboo. All tested and approved by qualified gynaecologists, the range was sparked by a new ultra hygienic focus, coupled with a desire to celebrate femininity. Designed to preserve and enhance, YONA can apply to all genders, whatever their preference is to hair removal, whether it be waxing, shaving, laser or au naturel.

What is a vajacial?
An intimate treatment in 7 steps:

  • Firstly, prepare and refresh the area with Perron Rigot intimate wipes
  • Secondly, cleanse the skin with Perron Rigot blue lotion
  • Thirdly, exfoliate the skin with YONA micro-peeling foam
  • Then, if desired, wax the area with Perron Rigot new generation wax
  • Apply either the YONA soothing jelly mask, or the YONA perfecting jelly mask
  • Enhance the delicate skin with YONA intimate perfecting serum

Perfecting sheet mask
With almost a quarter of waxing treatments being bikini waxing, YONA’s perfecting sheet mask is ideal for reducing ingrown hairs and pimples 48 hours after hair removal waxing and shaving. With rigorously chosen, completely vegan ingredients, 99% of natural origin, this gentle, tailor-made and effective perfecting sheet mask treatment uses a formula designed specifically for the delicate feminine area. Made from 100% cotton and containing calendula flower and lemon caviar extract; the sheet mask is rich in AHAs to gently exfoliate and fatty acids to soothe and soften sensitive and irritated skin, helping to reduce itching and any discomfort.

How to use
48hrs after hair removal, unfold the mask and apply it to the intimate area. Leave on for 15 minutes, then remove and massage in the excess lotion. Use once a fortnight as a treatment and once a month as a preventive measure.

Type: Treatments
Range: YONA

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