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Thuya Special Solution Dye Developer 50 ml (Cream)

Thuya Oxidant Cream – the perfect companion for flawless tinting application. With its creamy texture, this innovative product ensures ease of use and exceptional workability.

The smooth and creamy consistency of Thuya Oxidant Cream allows for effortless application, providing a seamless working experience. Artists and professionals will appreciate the convenience it offers, as it simplifies the process of achieving accurate and controlled results.

Whether you're applying a single color or creating custom shades by blending multiple tints, Thuya Oxidant Cream's creamy texture ensures precise application every time. 

Experience the difference that Thuya Oxidant Cream brings to your tinting routine. Unlock the potential for stunning and long-lasting results with this exceptional product. 

Shelf Life After Opening: 12 Months. Please ensure to close the product tightly after use and store in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality.

The Thuya Oxidant Cream is available in two sizes:

1. 50ml Tube: This size is favored by many artists due to its larger quantity, providing ample product for several applications. It's the preferred choice for salon or studio use.

This delivers the same superior quality, ensuring a flawless tinting application. You can choose the most suitable size based on your specific needs and convenience.

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