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Supercilium Medium Angled Brow Brush


This improved Medium Angled Brow Brush is a high-quality brush with synthetic hair, copper ferrule and wooden handle that will help to dye the best henna and hybrid brows. The shorter hairs make it the perfect brush to stamp the dye carefully & smooth into the skin & hairs. Also suitable for eyebrow makeup like powder and pomade. With this brush, every brow will turn into a high-definition wow-brow.


How To Use It:

  • Take the brush and dip it in the Brow Henna mixture. Don’t use too much henna. Start at the tail of the brow and stamp the Brow Henna into the skin. Use a tapping technique for henna to have the mixture penetrate into the skin better. Work from the tail to the center to the starting point of the brow. Blend the Henna really well for an equal result. 

    For applying make-up. Dip the brush in the makeup, make sure you don't have too much on the brush, and apply it on the brow. Make swiping movements and make sure you blend the makeup really well for a natural effect. 


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