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Supercilium Blending Brush - SAVE 20%*

With this blending brush every brow will turn into a smooth and highly defined brow. Supercilium brushes are made with the highest quality synthetic hairs, copper ferrule and wooden handle and specially designed to make every eyebrow pop. This is the need-to tool for every brow lover. 

How To Use It:


  • To complete the eyebrow treatment, it is recommended to finish with a concealer around the eyebrow to turn the brow into a real eye catcher. Concealer will give the eyebrow contrast and definition. 

    First use the concealer brush, make sure the concealer is 1-2 tints lighter than the skin tone, draw a straight line under the eyebrow, grab the Blending Brush and blend the concealer out smoothly. 

    Pro tip: Also use a concealer on the upper part of the eyebrow for extra definition! It is the same process as the under part of the brow. 

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