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Staleks Pro Cuticle Nippers - Expert 90 | 3mm


  • We are launching the new NE-90-3 model with a 3 ± 0.5 mm blade in the EXPERT series.
  • The blade length of 3 mm allows using the tool by both professional and beginner nail technicians. With such a short length, mistakes in work will be less noticeable and easily corrected. The short, cutting part makes it easier to handle the cuticle of narrow nail plates.
  • *The NE-90-3 model can be presented as an analog of the NE-72-3 model of nippers that have been removed from the range. There is a slight difference between the models in the head’s shape and the position of the rivet. The NE-90-3 has a rivet on the cutting part side for easy further service.

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