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Silhouet-Tone Lumicell WAVE 7 Bio Med Machine (110V)


• Cellulite • Orange peel • Sagging skin
• Promotes the penetration of cosmetic products


For targeted treatments adapted to each
area of ​​the body

To provide a response
to each need:
smoothing, toning, drainage

For the creation
of tailor-made programs

Her goals

• Naturally remove stubborn fat,
• Smooth each cellulite identity,
• Firm and soften the skin,
• Regain light legs,
• Act on well-being in general.
• Improves the appearance of orange peel.

For 360° support for all body shapes
by optimizing intensities and respecting the skin.

What is cellulite??

Cellulite (or cellulite) is linked to the presence and size of fat cells (adipocytes) located under the skin, mainly in certain areas of the female body.
Adipocytes have the particularity of swelling and hypertrophy, which gives the affected areas this unsightly orange peel appearance.

The appearance and worsening of cellulite is a vicious circle: by increasing in volume, adipocytes crush the blood vessels and prevent the elimination of toxins... the more
fat there will be under the skin and water retention, the more its appearance will be worsened.

How to spot it?

• Dimples • Swelling • Heavy legs • Localized fatty deposits
• Loss of firmness • Pain


4 essential technologies for the treatment of cellulite and
its associated problems
4 ergonomic treatment heads
To target ALL problems linked to cellulite by combining the
most efficient medical-aesthetic technologies on the market.

Photopneumatic Massage

• Non-invasive
• Painless
• Dermo-Lipo Pulsed vacuum suction
• 10 pumping levels depending on the area to be treated and
the stage selected
• 4 textured rollers (2 per head)
• 2 formats available (S or L) adapting to all the reliefs of the body

The suction and massage movements provide a draining effect which improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

The bands of connective tissue surrounding the fatty deposits responsible for dimpling the skin are relaxed.

It strengthens the natural capacity of cells to eliminate fatty deposits.

The appearance of the skin appears smoother and firmer.

The Wave 7 treatment heads
slide directly onto the skin using a specific water-soluble oil, without causing twisting while respecting skin physiology.

They allow you to perform the technique of:
• rolling palpation,
• point tractions and
• rectilinear tractions.
The results are obtained sustainably in a healthy way

Infrared LEDs at 830 nm

• 100% natural technology
• Non-invasive
• Painless
• Constant diffusion
• 14 IR LEDs at 830 nm
• 13 milliwatts/cm² emitted on average
• 2 yellow indicator LEDs at 590 nm

Based on the principle of infrared bio-stimulation, they penetrate the subcutaneous tissues without heating the epidermis.

Under their action, the natural mechanisms by which the body regenerates are stimulated and cause various physiological reactions, hence the term “infrared bio-stimulation”.

These are short electromagnetic waves that warm the skin from the inside, making it more malleable and more receptive to the rolling action of the treatment heads, stretching the fibrous bands without risk.

This technology is integrated into the rolling palpator head


• Non-invasive
• Painless
• Low frequency of 1 MHz
• Unfocused
• Continuous
• Mechanical effect

They produce local warming of the fatty layers and act on blood and lymphatic circulation. They stimulate the activity of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen.

Produce a micro-massage and defibrosis through vibrations and molecular micro-movements. Increase membrane permeability and therefore product penetration.

Ultrasound can be used alone, in addition to the Photopneumatic Massage technique with or without LEDs.

Toroidal Radio Frequency

• Non-invasive
• Painless
• 1 MHz
• 20 W – Maximum 300 V
• Constant and safe heat diffusion
• Therapeutic temperature is reached quickly compared to other devices.

Produces a controlled and gentle rise in the temperature of the dermal tissue between 40°C and 44°C, causing a pleasant and comfortable feeling of warmth. A controlled inflammatory response is created which stimulates the production of neo-collagen. Collagen remodeling is initiated, the texture of the skin is improved, it regains its elasticity. It delivers more uniform heat over a larger surface area and at controlled depths, in the dermis and subdermal layers.

Accelerates reversible collagen retraction and
subsequent remodeling.
Makes the treatment more effective & comfortable.

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