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Serene Ceramide Lotion (2 oz)

Smooth, light, and enriched with Ceramide, this lotion will help support the skin's fight against dehydration and aging process.

Ceramide Lotion 1% will help replenish lost ceramides and lipid content of the skin between skin cells following cleansing. With continued use, the effects and lose of moisture (TEWL) due to daily cleansing can be reduced, and the reserves of essential intercellular lipids increased. This process of lipid renewal will ensure proper barrier function and increase the natural process of cellular sloughing to reveal new layers of healthy beauty skin.

Directions: Cleanse and dry skin. Apply a small amount of product to your dry fingertips. Using gentle pressure, press product into skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Helps to increase natural exfoliation by reducing TEWL
  • Enhances hydration and improves the skin's ability to repair itself
  • Supports replacement of lipids
  • Treatment of atopic dermatitis; anti-inflammatory/ reduces itching
  • Increased collagen and lipid production

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