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Salon Solution Cleaning Liquid Kit (1 L)

Intro kit includes 1 L Salon Solution + 1 spray bottle. Replace many chemical cleaners with 1 plant-based cleaner! All natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic ,non flammable, economical.

- laundry detergent/ pre-treat laundry

- glass/mirror cleaner

- floors, countertops

- removes grease and oil from linens, towels and carpets

- safe on vinyl, leather and upholstery

- safe for environment and the user!

Mixing Ratios:

regular cleaning = 1:10 (100 ml salon solution to 1 L water)

Heavy Cleaning (high traffic areas, bathroom, heavily soiled floors) = 2:10 (200 ml salon solution to 1L water)

Full strength (stains, spot cleaning, laundry pre-treatment) = do not dillute

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