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Revive7 Revitalizing Hair Treatment

Revive7 Hair Oil is designed to create fullness, hair lengthening and nourishment. Improves hair density by 54%. Many causes can contribute to hair loss, such as postpartum, vitamin deficiencies, stress and so forth. A safe and holistic approach is best when dealing with hair loss. This product is plan based, vegan and free of any hormones or toxins.

◦ Results within 30-45 days of daily use
◦ Can be used on scalp, hair tips & beard
◦ Made in Canada
◦ Offers significant results without harmful ingredients
◦ Clinically tested
◦ Vegan


Maima Extract, Ginseng Extract, Angelica Extract, Polygonum, Multiflorum Extract, Vitamin B6

How to Apply:

1. Apply 3-5 drops directly to balding areas up to 2 times per day to dry scalp.
2. Massage treated area to help absorption.
3. May be used as Beard Oil.
4. May be used in dry hair to nourish & condition ends.

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