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Repêchage T-Zone Balance Professional Facial Kit (6 Treatments)

The professional solution for combination skin to create a clean, clear, beautiful complexion. This facial in unidose application, based on the proven Repêchage Clinical Facial, used by esthetician for over 30 years, is based on ingredients such as hydrating Seaweeds combined with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, botanical extracts, Almond, Oatmeal, Clays and a special blend of Tea extracts to target areas prone to excess oil and blemishes while maintaining skin’s essential moisture balance.

6 Treatments per Box

A. Secure client’s hair with hair band.
B. Wash hands with anti-bacterial soap (not included).
C. Proceed with a consultation Use the Repêchage® Skin Analysis Chart and evaluate the client's concerns.

  1. Remove eye make up by saturating cotton with Repêchage® Opti-Cleanse™ Extra Gentle Non-Oily Eye Makeup Remover. Have client close eyes. Using downward strokes, remove eye makeup. Rinse the eye area well with water and cotton.
  2. Switch on the steamer and keep steamer on for the duration of the massage and gommage (Honey and Almond Scrub)
  3. Cut open packette of Repêchage® T-Zone Balance Cleansing Complex, place it into a glass bowl. Use most of the contents, leaving behind a ¼ of a teaspoon. Apply it to the face. Work in an upward circular motion. Remove with cotton saturated with lukewarm water or Repêchage® Ultrasonic Skin Spatula. Pat the skin dry with tissues.
  4. Open a packette of Repêchage® Aqua Massage Cream and apply it to the face, neck, and décolletage. Begin massage for 10 minutes, as seen in the T-Zone Balance Classic Facial instructional video. Pat the skin dry with tissues and proceed to the next step.
  5. Cut open packette of Repêchage® Honey and Almond Scrub and place it into the bowl with the remaining cleanser. Mix it with a spatula and apply it onto the face. Massage in with upward and outward circular motions. Keep steam on and remove with a mummy mask or hot towel.
  6. Wrap fingers in cotton or facial tissues and proceed with extractions as seen in the T-Zone Balance Classic Facial instructional video
  7. Pat on Repêchage® T-Zone Balance Toning Complex to the face and neck.
  8. Remove the Repêchage® Balancing Hydrating Mask from the packette and place contents into the bowl. Apply it with a spatula or a brush onto the area where extractions occurred, or to oily areas of the face. Open packette of Repêchage® Hydro-Moisture Masque and apply to neck and cheeks using spatula. Place Eye Rescue Pads over the eyes. Allow both masks to set 10 minutes.
  9. Create a mummy mask using cotton strips placed over the mask area, Use a Repêchage® Silver Ball Massager over the cotton mask, and proceed with a massage as instructed in the T-Zone Balance Classic Facial instructional video. After 3 minutes, remove the mummy mask cover with the strips of cotton. Clean the skin very well, using more cotton if necessary.
  10. Pat on Repêchage® T–Zone Balance Toning Complex onto the face. Pat the skin dry with tissues.
  11. Apply Repêchage® T-Zone Balance Hydrating Serum all over face and neck. Use Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine set on blue for 4 minutes over T-Zone area and on red over cheeks and neck.
  12. Apply Repêchage® T-Zone Balance Moisture Complex with light strokes. Show the client the mirror. Proceed with at-home care recommendations.

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