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Repêchage Calcium & Calamine Calming and Soothing Mask PRO (11 oz)

Calming Powder. Mix this powder with yogurt or buttermilk to create the ultimate calming and soothing mask. Can also be added to any clay or cream mask for an extra soothing effect. Apply an even layer to the skin. Remove after 10 minutes with lukewarm water and cotton. For extra calming effect, you may mix the powder with Repechage  Clear Complexion Mask.

This professional mask is an essential upgrade to help provide relief to redness and  irritation due to extractions, exfoliation, micro-dermabrasion or other potential irritants. 
Pure Calcium Carbonate and Calamine can be custom-blended with a soothing tea blend, yogurt or buttermilk to help restore calm skin while it helps reduce the appearance of redness.



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