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Light Elegance P+ Soak Off Glitter Gel Polish 15 ml (Paparazzi) - SAVE 40%*


A mixture of all your favorite jewel tones! This glitter includes fuchsia, green, blue, red and black. These are small round disco balls best used over color for an explosion of fun perfect for your winter parties.

Coverage: Semi-Sheer
Effect: Glitter


    Just a few of the many P+ benefits are listed below!

    ✨ No Chip, 21+ Day Wear
    ✨ Use over JimmyGel, P+ QDbase, hard gel or acrylic
    ✨ Responsibly Manufactured in Redmond, Oregon
    ✨ Higher opacity for thinner application⁣
    ✨ Premium brush for silky-smooth application
    ✨ Twice the glitter in every bottle⁣
    ✨ Ideal balance of strength and flexibility 
    ✨ LE is always HEMA-Monomer Free, 9-Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free


    Frequently asked questions about P+ Gel Polish:


    For clients that want to completely remove their P+ enhancements, use P+ QDbase under your P+ Gel Polish for easy 7-minute removal with acetone!


  • File through the P+ Top Coat until you begin filing into the color coat
  • Soak approximately 7 minutes in LEpro Remover soaked cotton balls and foil wraps
  • After properly soaking, P+ Gel Polish will easily peel away from the nail

    For more information and in-depth tutorials with P+ Gel Polish, click here



    Step-By-Step Instructions: 

    1. Prep the nail and apply P+ QDbase if you plan to soak the P+ Gel Polish off in the next service, OR prep the nail and apply JimmyGel, Lexy Line hard gel or acrylics if you will be doing a fill/rebalance.
    2. Using the included application brush, apply P+ Gel Polish in a thin, even layer over the entire nail bed.
    3. Using the Capping technique, cap the free edge.
    4. Cure for 60 seconds in a LED Lamp (LEDdot recommended) or 2 minutes in a UV Lamp.
    5. If a more opaque appearance is desired, apply another P+ Gel Polish coat and cure as instructed.
    6. Apply P+ Top Coat and cure as instructed.

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