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Light Elegance MiniDot LED Curing Lamp

The all-new Light Elegance LED MiniDot offers the same industry-leading curing power as the popular LEDdot curing lamp at a fraction of the price by virtue of its compact and streamlined design.  Retailing for just $74.95 to Canadian salons ($59.95 US), the LED MiniDot offers unparalleled value and professional-grade performance.  Compatible with all current LE gels and most gels formulated for LED curing on the market, the LED MiniDot uses 3 powerful LED emitters strategically placed for maximum adhesion, cure thickness, and shine.

Like all LE products, the LED MiniDothas undergone rigorous testing and quality control with our in-house team of R&D chemists and offers the same quality and scientific performance you’ve come to expect from Light Elegance.  Easy 1-button operation activates the LED MiniDot, and the 60 second curing cycle delivers powerful emittance that ensure your gels cure correctly—every time.  The compact design saves space on the nail table and keeps the LED emitters close to the nail for efficient curing.  All of these features combined with LED MiniDot’s low price mean incredible value for nail professionals looking to offer world-class LE services. 

Features & Benefits

  • 3 powerful LED emitters deliver strong 400 nm curing
  • 4 finger, thumb and whole-foot curing
  • Cure strength comparable to full-size lamps in a compact design
  • Easy 1-button operation activates 60 second cure cycle
  • Perfect for pedicures
  • Cures all current LE gels & most LED gels on the market
  • LED MiniDot Dimensions: 5” W x 2” H x 4” D (130 x 55 x 100 mm)


More Info

The LED MiniDot has a clean, modern design featuring an all-white exterior with the Light Elegance Round Bottom Flask logo in iconic LE pink.  If unfamiliar with the LE brand, your clients will love to ask about the logo, and you will love to tell them about the safe, responsible in-house chemistry, US manufacturing and LE Family at the core of Light Elegance.  Your clients will be impressed with your professionalism, knowledge about the products you use and how much you care about the health of your clients.

LE developed the LED MiniDot to offer an affordable way for new customers to start with the LE line and for existing customers to add a second lamp or complete their pedicure setup. The LED MiniDot offers powerful curing comparable to full size lamps at 1/3 the price of the LEDdot! 

Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance co-founder and Color Mother, says the LED MiniDot is the latest result of the company’s commitment to offering nail professionals with top-quality, versatile and innovative products:

“We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of the new LED MiniDot,” said Lezlie, “We know that a quality LED curing lamp is incredibly important to the success of your services—and that quality lamp can be expensive to buy. The LED MiniDot offers the opportunity to have an affordable lamp that doesn’t sacrifice cure strength and still sets your service up for success.  That is a truly remarkable achievement! 

Our chemists—namely Jim McConnell—have been so impressed with the power of the compact LED MiniDot and how well it cures all our LE gels.  The LED MiniDot also allows us to get the responsibly formulated, 100% HEMA-monomer-free gels we make so proudly into the hands of more nail pros and onto the nails of more happy clients.  There’s nothing mini about how important that is, and we just know you’ll love your new LED MiniDot!”



Why did Light Elegance create the LED MiniDot?

LE developed the LED MiniDot to offer an affordable way for new customers to start with the LE line and also for existing customers to add a second lamp or complete their pedicure setup. The LED MiniDot offers powerful curing comparable to full size lamps at 1/3 the price of the LEDdot!

What is the price of the LED MiniDot?

Only $74.95 CAD ($59.95 US)!  While the curing power is just as strong as the full-size LEDdot, the LED MiniDot has a smaller and simpler design that allows for a much lower price.  This makes it great for nail pros just starting out, new to the LE line or looking to add a quality light to their manicure or pedicure stations!

How are the LED MiniDot and LEDdot different?

While both lamps offer the same excellent curing power of the LEDdot, the LEDdot has several added features not found on the LED MiniDot.  These include multiple curing modes, an automatic hand sensor, larger size for whole-hand curing, and more.  The LED MiniDot is an extremely affordable, simple-to-operate, compact option, making it a perfect entry-level option for new nail pros or nail pros looking to add a lamp to their manicure or pedicure station!

How many fingers cure in the LED MiniDot?

The LED MiniDot cures four fingers at once and the thumb separately.  It also cures the whole foot, making it perfect for pedicures!

How does the client place their hand in the LED MiniDot?

When placing the hand or foot in the LED MiniDot, make sure the fingers do not touch the sides or back of the light.  It is always best if the hand or foot is laid flat with the nails facing straight up for maximum exposure to the light.

What are some of the key features and benefits of the LED MiniDot?

PRICE – The LED MiniDot offers strong, quality curing at 1/3 the price of full-size lamps

SIZE – The LED MiniDot’s compact design doesn’t take up too much space on the nail table or pedicure station

QUALITY – Like all Light Elegance products, the LED MiniDot has been rigorously tested by our in-house chemists to ensure maximum performance, longevity and compatibility with all LE gels.

APPEARANCE – The LED MiniDot’s clean, compact and modern design looks professional and worthy of a place in the finest salons.  It also features LE branding and looks great alongside all of the products in the LE range!

What are the buttons?

The LED MiniDot is designed for simple 1-button operation.  Simply press the button on the top, and the LED MiniDot cures at 100% power for 60 seconds!

Can the LED MiniDot cure older UV-only gels?

No.  The LED MiniDot emits a 400 nm wavelength designed to cure gels formulated for LED curing, which includes all gels in the current LE lineup!

How long does the LED MiniDot last?

Like all LED lights, the power output of the emitters decreases after a period of time, and the light will not cure at full strength.  Like the LEDdot, the LED MiniDot will operate at full capacity for approximately two years of full-time salon use and should be replaced if curing performance declines.

How do I plug in the LED MiniDot?

The LED MiniDot includes a USB-A cable for powering on the unit.  The supplied USB cable needs to be plugged into 5V / 1A (Max. 1.2A) USB wall plug, which are available everywhere and will fit the plug and power type for your location.  The LED MiniDot works with iPhone chargers and most USB cell phone charger plugs on the market, and you probably already have an extra you can use to start curing right out of the box!

What is the warranty on the LED MiniDot?

The LED MiniDot comes with a 6-month limited warranty from time of purchase.  The warranty covers any manufacturing defects but does not cover damage caused from abuse or misuse.  Due to the simple design, the LED MiniDot is easy to clean, and there aren’t any complicated features or sensors to break—it will last a long, long time with proper care!

How do I clean my LED MiniDot?

  • Clean metal reflective surfaces with Light Elegance LEpro Cleanser
  • Clean exterior with window cleaner - DO NOT USE LEpro Cleanser on exterior
  • Use of car wax on the outside and inside of the LEDdot will help you keep the lamp clean and free of gel residue
  • Keep hands/fingers clean and free of gel to help you keep your LEDdot clean

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