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LCN Ultra Gel 3 in 1 Brush On Builder (10 ml)

Ultra Gel 3-in-1 Brush on Builder is a new high-tech product for all customers who want proactive aging prevention. The practical bottle product with integrated professional brush combines adhesion and easy application in one. Fine fiberglass particles help to strengthen the nail and offer support. The product is a true vitamin bomb and contains hyaluronic acid for increased nail tension, moisture and elasticity. The light nude coloring perfectly covers unevenness and nail discoloration.
  1. Massage the Ultra Gel 3 in 1 Brush-on Bulder very thinly into the nail, coating the nail edge and cure (60 sec. LED light device // 120 sec. UV tube light device).
  2. Then apply the second layer more saturated and floating and harden.

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