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LCN Sealant 15 ml (Clear)

Product information "Sealant - UV sealing gel" With the LCN Sealant you can give your fingernail an elegant shine in a simple and reliable way after modeling. This finish leads your treatments stylishly to professional perfection and will also conjure up a satisfying shine in the eyes of your customers. The use of this high-quality LCN product impresses with its easy dosing and easy and quick application. Radiant shine for a classy finish For optimal gloss results, use the LCN sealant as the last component of a three-phase application. To do this, first apply the LCN-Bonder, a light-curing adhesive varnish, and then LCN-Sculpture for modeling the nail. You can then apply sealant generously and evenly for a high-gloss finish and cure it in the light-curing device. The LCN Sealant is available in the following colors: - clear - pink - opaque - pastel Modeling property: - flowing consistency Effect: - high gloss Particularities: available in different colors to be used only in combination with a complete nail build-up acid-free

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