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LCN Quick Colour Base Gel (10 ml) - SAVE 70%*

Discover the revolution in permanent color painting!
Imagine, we give you time and reduce your effort during modeling with the LCN Color Gels. That will not do? Go then! With the new Quick Color Base from LCN - you no longer need a separate adhesive or build-up gel.
The solvent-resistant, self-leveling primer provides the perfect basis for LCN Color Gels, and the keratin it contains also strengthens nails and cares for stressed nail plates.


  1. Apply the LCN Quick Color Base in a thin layer to the prepared, matted natural nail. Important: coat the edge of the nail.
  2. Then cure, 2 minutes in the UV tube device or 1 minute in the LED light device.
  3. Then apply a second layer, coat and cure.
  4. Wipe the existing dispersion layer dry with a cellulose pad and, if necessary (if there are unevenness), lightly buffer.
  5. Apply and seal any LCN Color Gel of your choice as usual.
  6. Wipe with the LCN Super Shine Finish Cleaner.

For a refill, carefully file down the color layer with a 180 gritt file without completely removing the LCN Quick Color Base Gel layer. Then apply a layer of LCN Quick Color Base to the grown and dulled natural nail and, depending on the color you want, finish with the same steps as for the new installation.
For a color change, file down the layers with a 180 gritt file down to the LCN Quick Color Base and then apply the LCN Quick Color Base and a new LCN Color Gel.

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