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LCN One Component Resin F 20 ml (Clear)

LCN One Component Resin is a 1-phase gel with excellent all-round properties. Adhesion, structure, and finish properties are ideally combined. Easy to process. This LCN bestseller is available in many consistency and color variants for individual processing. Good tolerance is proven in skin tests. Universal UV gel for all new model layers and refills with a medium build-up in normal length. Available in three versions: thin-viscous: normal stability medium viscosity (F): higher stability solid-viscous (FF): high stability Modeling property: -easy flowing consistency -Variant F: stable consistency Effect: -very good adhesion -elastic nail structure Particularities: -available in different colors -acid-free -also available in solid consistency LCN One Component Resin is available in the following color variants: -clear - of course clear -crystal clear - crystal clear optics -pink - slightly rosé optics -opaque - milky porcelain look -pastel - milky pink look -natural rose - delicately opaque rose

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