LCN Nail Oil


LCN Nail Oil 50ml & 8ml

  • LCN Nail Oil is used to ” doctor ” the nail as well as the cuticle and skin on the end of the finger.
  • The oil is very moisturising due to the high quality ingredients, namely: Vitamin A and E : great to regenerate skin and cuticles and high in anti-oxidants. Vitamin F : better known as a fat ( Omega 6 ) than a vitamin. This essential fat is amazing for dry skin and penetrates even the toughest cuticle, resulting in soft, cared for cuticles and finger tips. Olive and Almond oil : also rich oils to combat the hard cuticles and extremely dry, hard skin. St John’s Wort : this is an awesome extract to calm the most stressed, dry and torn cuticles. This extract is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The LCN Nail Oil will solve the problem for anyone with rough finger tips and cuticles, moisturising the nails at the same time.
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