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InnoPen InnoTips Needle Cartridges (24 pcs)

  • Distinctively engineered by Clinical Resolution Lab, Inc., InnoTip delivers safest method of treatment with innovative technology that eliminates the negative risks inherent in all automated microneedling pens or devices with open tip needle cartridges.
  • InnoTip is a precision apparatus designed with Double Protective Tip System that consists of an inner protective wall and the outer safety covering made of sterile, medical grade GE lexan polycarbonate resin. These protective layers allow 0% tolerance for error, requiring perfect centering, precise spacing and meticulous uniformaty in vertical lining of the needles.
  • The first ‘inner’ protective wall is built-in tightly around the needle housing that holds thirteen SUS 316 surgical stainless needles. It serves to prevent the needle housing from shaking and becoming off-centered due to flux of vibration caused by the device’s motor exerting power during the stamping motion. Common attribute of the needle housing found in all single-walled needle cartridge is that it is loosely suspended in between the wall. Hence lacking the support to hold it firmly to prevent from shaking or vibrating as the needles pierce through the skin layers in fast stamping motion. Consequently, it leads to slanted needle insertion which induces micro-tearing of skin’s inner layers and epidermal scratching. The second ‘outer’ safety covering is unlike any of the open tip needle cartridges available in the market today. It is completely enclosed with only the thirteen passage-openings. All needles must pass through these tiny holes before they perforate the skin.
  • The outer tip is designed to detect any deformity and/or misalignment of the needles. If the needle is bent or out of position, it will lock up and the InnoTip stops operating. This ensures accurate 90° vertical needle penetration with every stamping motion but more importantly, patient safety.
  • InnoPen replacement cartridges
  • Sterile and Disposable
  • 24pk
  • Needle Depths: 0.3mm | 0.5mm | 1.0mm | 2.0mm


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