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GD Steamer Cleaner Sachet (43 g)

Steamer Cleaner is for professional use only and is chemically designed specifically for the use in facial steamers.

The global patent pending formula is designed to remove calcium deposits from the heating element thus extending the life of your equipment. It also reduces the risk of steamer spitting.

Steamer Cleaner enables the use of regular tap water with your steamer. The powerful calcium removal ability of Steamer Cleaner allows the operator to never have to use distilled water. Simply use Steamer Cleaner when there is a buildup of deposits on the heating element.



Follow these instructions to maximize the effectiveness of Steamer Cleaner.

  • Remove glass jar from steamer.

  • Add Steamer Cleaner to the glass jar with warm water. Fill half way.

  • Stir mixture until Steamer Cleaner has dissolved.

  • Return the glass jar to its original location and fill with hot water until the jar is completely full and the element is completely submerged.

  • Allow facial steamer to sit over night. Do not turn on the steamer.

  • Empty glass jar into sink, use a cloth to wipe down element and jar. Clean and rinse jar with clean water.

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