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Cirépil Intimate Hard Wax Beads (800 g)

Cirepil Intimate Hard Wax 

Is highly recommended for removing hair from intimate and sensitive areas.

  • These wax beads have a creamy texture when melted
  • Intimate hard wax contains coconut oil to moisturize and soften the skin
  • Enriched with Cicasepticalm complex and active ingredients that are dermo-protective, anti-irritation, cleansing, soothing in nature
  • Cirépil Intimate wax is gentle on the skin
  • No need for strips with Cirépil waxes
  • Suitable for all skin types and all types of hair - use it for integral waxing
  • Made in France

    Benefits of Cirépil Intimate Wax Beads

    Cirépil Intimate Wax Beads are a great choice to remove hair from sensitive and intimate areas of the body. Aestheticians use this wax for integral waxing.

    The creamy texture of this wax applies well on the skin and removes hair with ease. The addition of coconut oil in this wax helps moisturize the skin and retain its softness.

    Product Features
    • Special component: Cicasepticalm complex
    • Texture: Creamy
    • Temperature for use: 66-70ºC (150-158ºF)
    • Use: Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive areas like the bikini
    • Cirépil waxes ‘shrink wrap’ hair for easy and complete hair removal
    • Non Strip Wax
    • Desensitizing and calming formula

    How to use Cirépil Intimate Wax Beads

    • Melt Cirépil Intimate Wax Beads in a wax warmer until it is smooth and creamy.
    • Use a pre depilatory lotion like Cirépil Blue Purifying Pre & Post Depilatory Lotion.
    • Check temperature of the wax with a digital thermometer.
    • Check temperature by applying on the inside of your wrist.
    • Apply the wax with a wooden spatula in the direction of the hair growth.
    • Remove the hardened wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.
    • Spray Cirépil Blue Purifying Lotion once again to the skin to remove any wax residue.


    Glyceryl Rosinate, Colophonium (Rosin), Ethylene / Va Copolymer, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Paraffin, Triethylene Glycol Rosinate, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Cocos Nucifera oustralis (Raficonut) Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Parfum (Fragrance), Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, CI 61565 (D&C Green N ° 6), Limonene, Hexyl Cinnamal.


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