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Billion Dollar Brushes - Pro Brush Essentials Kit (6 pcs)

Powder Brush

Our powder makeup brush is perfect for applying powder, bronzer, or blush to create your polished look.

Contour Brush

Apply, buff, and blend out your makeup for the perfect look using our contour makeup brush. You can sculpt and shape your face to fit in with the latest makeup trends or just highlight your favorite features.

Foundation Brush

All of our cosmetic brushes are made from professional-quality materials to give you an easy-to-use tool, so you can create the best base for your makeup look. They make it easy to apply liquid foundation and ensure it goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave any streaks behind.

This flat foundation brush includes synthetic bristles! Additionally, it’s infused with charcoal, which provides an antimicrobial effect to keep it cleaner longer

Highlighter Brush

Seamlessly apply some color with our highlighter makeup brush. With this premium tool, you can make sure your highlighter pops, is bold, and stays put on your face all day.

Eyeshadow Brush

Are you sure you’re using the right brush for your eyeshadow? Our vegan eyeshadow brushes will give you even, beautifully-applied color with every look you create. Get the professional look you want without breaking the bank.

 Eyebrow Brush

 Our firm, angled eyebrow brush is easy to use, high-quality, and it provides you with the control you need. Plus, it does all of this while still looking beautiful alongside your other makeup tools!


  • Cruelty-free
  • Charcoal-infused bristles with antimicrobial properties
  • Double-ended for versatility

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