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Beyond Optragate Small Refills


OptraGate® ExtraSoft provides retraction of lips and cheeks during dental treatment.

  • Gently retracts lips and cheeks to provide full and easy access to anterior and posterior teeth
  • Offers the clinician increased visibility and accessibility
  • Quick and easy placement
  • Facilitates moisture control in the oral cavity.
  • Latex free, flexible and comfortable to wear, particularly for children

Award-winning lip and cheek retractor maximizes access, field size, patient comfort

Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Award and recipient of Dental Advisor's highest rating, smart OptraGate® Lip and Cheek Retractors offer excellent accessibility to an enlarged field. Ideal for restorative, ortho, cosmetic, and whitening procedures, as well as for periodontal treatment and photography. Soft, flexible, Evoprene® material offers three-dimensional flexibility and unimpeded jaw motion. Advantages include:

  • Unique ring design gently and evenly retracts lips and cheeks, providing a full view and better access to anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Lips are completely covered and better protected than with other retractors.
  • Comfortable for patients to wear, even during long procedures.
  • Insertion and removal are quick and easy.
  • Hypoallergenic.

Individually wrapped. Small adult (2-3/8" [6cm])

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