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Bernard Cassière Muesli Nutri-Sensitive Face Care Kit (10 Treatments) - SAVE 15% (NOV/DEC)

10 Treatments (3 Items)

A professional treatment specially designed for fragile and sensitive skin in need of softness while reducing visible redness and discomfort. A one-hour treatment in a cabin to envelop fragile skin in softness.

Our skin is covered with "good bacteria", essential for its balance, its protection, and its metabolism. This is what we call the microbiota.
A disturbance in this well-organized symbiosis can results in skin dryness or discomfort.

Inspired by the skinfood trend and Muesli recipes, BC combines in this treatment the benefits of its Muesli complex [organic oat + probiotics] to provide nutrition and comfort to the driest skin.

Target - Suitable for dry skin as prevention or treatment.

Aim - 

  • Nourish and soften the skin
  • Relieve and protect irritated skin
  • Provide a feeling of comfort after application and throughout the day
  • Improve skin comfort and reduce sensitivity

Kit includes - 

1 x Muesli Powder 2.11oz

10 Sachets x Cereal Conforting Mask 1.05oz

1 x Honey 50ml


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