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B Lash Eyelash Extension Adhesive No. 0 (10 g)

Adhesive No. 0 Clear (clear adhesive without color pigment) eyelash extensions adhesive is very fast drying and suitable for both volume- and classic eyelash extensions.

  • Extremely fast drying time (0.5 second)
  • Retention 5-6 weeks
  • Perfect for volume eyelash extensions
  • For advanced eyelash technicians

Used by eyelash technicians around the world, B Lash adhesive is one of the best ones out there. One of the fastest drying eyelash extension adhesives out there. Designed for experiences lash techs, who are used to fast drying glues. BF Zero Fixer retains very strong adhesive bonds for 5-6 weeks and has medium fumes.

Preferred working conditions:
Humidity: 30%-50%
Temperature: 20-25C

Storaging: We recommend keeping the adhesive bottle air-sealed, in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. Best to use within one month of opening. Shake 2-3 minutes before each use.



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