Thuya Eyebrow & Eyelash Dye (Tint)


The Light Brown dye is ideal for blondes, brunettes or light brunettes. This tone will give a very natural look.

The Browntint it’s perfect for achieving a natural eyelash color in very light brows or to get a very dark tone in eyebrows.

The Chestnut tint is a reddish brown tone ideal for redheads of mahogany colors. If the eyebrow is very dark, we recommend to bleach previously with blond tint in order to achieve the desired tone.

Graphite eyebrow dye is ideal for eyebrows with gray hair or gray tones. It is especially recommended for grayish, dark brown or black hair.

The Bluish Black tint is ideal for a look refresh. Get a black color with a special blue shine achieving greater brightness.

If you’re looking for a deep, pure classic black tint, the Deep Black tone is what you want. Ideal for intense looks.

The Taupe Grey tint is a perfect color for blond, light brown or ashy hair tones people.

The Violet Black tint offers a very intense tone. It’s ideal to all types of people, both blondes and brunettes


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