Onesta Create Firm Hold Finishing Spray - 10oz


Onesta Create Finish Aerosol provides volume, flexibility, and long lasting hold without being sticky or stiff. It is humidity resistant and adds shine while protecting hair from the sun's harmful UV rays.
Natural fragrance makes this aerosol makes this product a safer alternative for hairdressers and clients.

Provides volume, flexibility, and long-lasting hold. Humidity-resistant.



What makes Onesta’s Create “Finish” a green product? Its can is made with 30% post consumer steel and is 100% recyclable. And, Onesta uses a 100% natural fragrance. Most aerosols on the market today use synthetic fragrances, which can be comprised of up to 200 individual chemicals to make one perfume, including trace amounts of formaldehyde. One of the biggest health concerns with aerosols is inhaling the small molecules of synthetic fragrance. Thus, our natural fragrance makes this aerosol safe for hairdressers and clients alike. Create “Finish” is the safer alternative with great performance.

Self Preserving System
Natural fragrance from Jasmine and Grapefruit

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