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Cabine Exclusive Micronised Algae Slimming & Decongestant Body Wrapping Powder (4 KG)

  • By combining the draining, stimulating and disinfiltrating properties of several types of algae, the Slimming Wrap tones and eliminates toxins and fats. The skin is firmer and the figure is slimmer.
  • Suitable for: This slimming wrap is suitable for everyone.

 Suggested use

  • Pour about 150 g of the slimming wrap powder in a container and add the same amount of hot water.
  • Mix with a spatula and apply over the entire treatment area with a gloved hand or a large brush. 
  • Wrap and remove after 20 minutes with a damp glove.
  • For optimal efficacy, the algae wrap requires a warming or an infrared blanket. If not available, use a regular blanket.

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