MicroKleen3 Disinfectant Surface Wipes (100pk) - Single


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Micro-Kleen3  is safe for use on inanimate surfaces including plastics (polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polycarbonate and polystyrene),stainless steel, brass, aluminum, chrome, acrylic, vinyl, glass, Plexiglas and baked-
on painted surfaces, therefore safe to use on your machines, aprons and tattoo chairs and beds.

Leaves no hazardous chemical residue when used as directed. 

Contains no dangerous phenols, caustic hydrogen peroxide, toxic chlorine or staining dyes.

Micro-Kleen3 is a ready to use cleaner disinfectant that provides effective disinfection in primary care centres, hospitals, surgical centres, dental offices, dental labs, body art facilities and the many other areas where strict control of cross contamination is critical.

Micro-Kleen3 surfactant rich formula will quickly loosen and clean both wet & dried fluids and other organic and non-organic soil from surfaces.

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