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Light Elegance Summer 2022 P+ Glitter Collection - Summer By The Sea - SALE

This pack includes all 6 new Summer by the Sea P+ Glitter Gel Polishes for tons of services and 21+ day wear over JimmyGel or P+ QDbase!  Plus, get big savings when you buy the pack!

This Summer, join LE by the sea as we invite you to shore-up your palette with a wave of 12 new on-trend shades. Inspired by the natural beauty of the beach, the ocean and its many colorful inhabitants, Summer by the Sea delivers a complementary collection of fresh shades ranging from neutral and pastel to bright and bold—perfect to complete any summer look.

For nail art inspiration and step-by-step designs using the NEW Summer by the Sea collection, click here!


Beachy: A fine crystal glitter mixed with a soft and light lemonade background. Beachy is the recipe for completing even the sweetest of Summer styles. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Glitter                                                                                       

Sea Jelly: A bright-pink coral jelly. The slightest bit of pink pigment is the perfect background to pop the pink and orange glitter pieces and allows Sea Jelly to pair well with a wide variety of colors and styles. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Glitter                       

Starfish Kisses: Fine pieces of pink champagne with light-gold, star-shaped glitter. Starfish Kisses is a fun neutral glitter that will be your shining star this Summers. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Glitter                                                                                       

Salty Sweet: A pearly white glitter that you can wear with any look. Salty Sweet’s amazing coverage gives you the perfect white-satin look. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Glitter                                                                                                         

Once Upon A Tide: This is a jelly mermaid glitter! Aqua meets Caribbean with a light blue pigment in the background. Once Upon a Tide is soft, sweet and only adds to your adorable Summer style. Coverage: Semi-Sheer. Effect: Glitter                                           

Sandy Bottoms: A sandy peach glitter with stunning flashes of light copper, chartreuse and soft aqua. What makes this glitter uniquely outstanding are the fine pieces of peachy glitter mixed with larger glitters, perfecting looks that flash and shine. Coverage: Semi-Sheer. Effect: Glitter


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