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Light Elegance Summer 2022 P+ Color Collection - Summer By The Sea - SALE

This pack includes all 6 new Summer by the Sea P+ Color Gel Polishes for tons of services and 21+ day wear over JimmyGel or P+ QDbase!  Plus, get big savings when you buy the pack!

This Summer, join LE by the sea as we invite you to shore-up your palette with a wave of 12 new on-trend shades. Inspired by the natural beauty of the beach, the ocean and its many colorful inhabitants, Summer by the Sea delivers a complementary collection of fresh shades ranging from neutral and pastel to bright and bold—perfect to complete any summer look.

For nail art inspiration and step-by-step designs using the NEW Summer by the Sea collection, click here!


Searching For Seashells: A soft, sweet, neutral pink with fabulous coverage. This shade is a very light pastel pink that is best described as a neutral. Complementary to a wide range of styles and skin tones, Searching for Seashells is a must have for any color collection. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Flat/Cream                                                         

Ocean Avenue: A dusty, light blue with a tiny touch of grey. This makes for a fun, muddled grey-blue. Ocean Avenue leans towards the lighter side of blue with neutral undertones that make it wearable with a wide range of looks. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Flat/Cream                                                                                                 

Don't Be Crabby: A rich, creamy red coral. This luscious summer color is the perfect combination of red and orange. This shade adds plenty of vibrance to your look without screaming neon. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Flat/Cream                                                   

Sandcastle: A neutral peach with a lot of white in the background. This color could also be described as a sandy peach with just a touch of yellow, soft and wearable for clients of all styles. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Flat/Cream                                                         

Catch Of The Day: A light, cool mint green. This green has lots of white in the background, and has a brightness that makes the mint stand out and completes your Summer look with ease. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Flat/Cream                                     

The Coral Cottage: A creamy, playful bright orange that could almost be called a neon.  If summer were an orange, this would be it, and we know those trendy clients will love this bright shade. Coverage: Opaque. Effect: Flat/Cream

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