Lacquer Brow Lamination Skin Barrier Balm


  • LACQUER® Skin Barrier is made from using all natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients and is perfect for adding an extra barrier to protect sensitive skin during the brow lamination procedure. This skin barrier creates an extra layer of buffer between facial skin and lamination solution to help reduce sensitivity. 

    Each jar contains nourishing vitamins which help to support skin throughout the process - this means it not only protects but also helps to moisturize and calm the skin.

    • Diamond & Gold Jar
    • All Natural Vegan Formula
    • Smooth Texture
    • Skin Calming Ingredients
    • Enriched with Vitamins
    • 10g Per Jar


  • Ingredients: Euphorbia  cerifera  ( candelilla ) wax,  cocos   nucifera  (coconut) oil,  butyrospermum   parkii  ( shea  butter) fruit,  olea   europaea  (olive) fruit oil, aloe  barbadensis  leaf extract,  tocopherol  (vitamin E),  heterotheca   inuloides  (arnica) flower, calendula  officinalis  (calendula) flowers,  lavandula   angustifolia  (lavender) essential oil,  boswella   serrata  gum (frankincense) essential oil,  melaleuca   alter nifolia (tea tree) leaf oil.

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