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Kasina Strip Lashes

Kasina Strip Lashes (1-2 times wear)

  • ( #T82 | Tahiti )  With a crisscrossed design, the Tahiti lashes will give a striking appeal to your eyes. Their lightweight composition will blend flawlessly with your lashes and create a look that is not easily forgotten.
  • ( #T76 | Maui )  The Maui lash will provide perfect uniformity, amazing comfort and an unbelievable natural look. Layers of black lashes add volume to your lash line, without being heavy or uncomfortable.  Application is seamless along the eyelid, and tapered ends create a natural appearance.
  • ( #T218 | Florence )  With all the romance of the city of Florence, these lashes will surround your eye with a bold, sexy look. The lightweight, reusable, and easy to apply design will allow you to wear them night after night.
  • ( #T213 | Mykonos )  The Mykonos lash has a lightweight design, with crisscrossed lashes to blend with your natural lashes. They are reusable and are easily applied so you can get to the rest of your day.
  • ( #TDW | Hollywood Glamour )  Layers of lashes add volume to your lash line. They will create a look of Hollywood glamour. These light weight lashes will feel just like your natural eyelashes, with tapered lash tips, and soft flexible band.
  • ( #TWSP | Thalia ) is p erfect for a night out or any special occasion, the possibilities are endless. If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or adorned if desired. Create a dramatic and multi-dimensional look.
  • ( #T503 |  Kokomo )  lashes have a smooth, alluring curve that will add some allure with every bat of the eye. You’ll love their lightweight, reusable, design. And since they are easy to apply, you can have the look of full, beautiful lashes in no time. *** OUT OF STOCK ***
  • ( #T73 |  Berlin ) lash will give your eyes a sophisticated old-world charm. Perfectly arranged to balance with your natural lashes. You will love that they're lightweight, reusable, and easy to apply.
  • ( #T43 |  Barcelona ) lash has shorter lashes toward the edges, with longer ones near the center, giving your eyes an alluring look that won’t soon be forgotten. Enjoy the ease of application, lightweight design, and ability to wear them again and again.
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