Helios Goddess Artificial Nails (Glue On)


The Helios Goddess product line offers a wide range of artificial nails. New nail designs and collections are developed all the time, to follow the current trends.

Includes: 24 Artificial Nails, 1 Applicator, 1 Easy Pink Glue

How To Apply

1.  Choose the nail and attach the Easy Applicator to the top of the nail. Apply a generous amount of Easy Pink Glue to the underside of the nail. Use the glue nozzle to spread it.
2.  Place Helios Goddess nail against the cuticle area of the natural nail at a 45-degree angle.
3.  Use the cuticle area as a pivot point and gently lower on the natural nail. Do not press down. Remove any excess glue.

How To Remove

Soak in nail polish remover or acetone for 3-5 minutes.

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