Tina Davies Disposable Sterile Kit (10pk)


  • This new revolutionary kit has everything you need for any microblading or permanent makeup procedure... all in one tidy little package. 
  • It was specifically designed and curated to help artists streamline their setup process with highly needed disposables so that they never forget any tools and always maintain the highest attention to safe work practices.
  • Each kit includes 100% EO Gas Sterilized components and the entire kit is completely disposable. Each kit is equipped with a lot number, expiry date, and manufacture date.

1.  Large Custom Tray - 6 compartments designed to hold a number of permanent makeup tools and substances.  Everything is within arms reach to ensure optimal ergonomics while you work.

  • Compartment for  microblades , handles, needles, machines
  • A slot to hold finger rings upright
  • Wet and dry tray compartments to keep things organized
  • Six pigment wells plus a section for topical anesthetic

2.  Eyebrow Ruler -easily measure and check the design of eyebrows.

3.  Clear Facemask - lightweight and comfortable and also provides protection for both you and your client against splatter.  

4.  Alcohol Swabs (4) - to disinfect or clean the client's procedure area.

5.  Spoolie Brush - used during the design step or after the procedure to show the client her new 
hairstrokes .

6.  Cotton Swabs (5)

7.  Cup for Liquids - for water, ice, liquids, etc.

8.  Fine Brushes (3) -  dip these makeup brushes into your pigment to re-design or trace out extremely fine hair-like strokes,  lip liner or eyeliner.
9.  Headband - stylish and modern for client use and is also great for taking consistent "before and after" photos for your portfolio.

10.  Nitrile Gloves ( 2 Medium, 1 Small ) - 3 times more puncture resistant than regular latex gloves. Nitrile also provides a stronger barrier of protection and offers greater chemical resistance.  They do not contain any natural rubber latex, so they can be used by anyone with latex allergies.

11.  Non-woven Cotton Pads ( 20 ) - used to wipe and check the procedure area as you work.

12.  Pigment Rings With Removable Cups ( 2 ) -to wear the pigment so that you don't have to dip pigment from your tray, we've included 2 pigment rings with removable cups and an absorbent inner sponge so that pigment cannot spill out - especially helpful for diluted or watery pigment.

13.  Waste Bag - resealable and comes with an adhesive that sticks to the side of your tray so you may dispose of any waste while you work.  

14.  Water-Repellant Bedsheet - protect and line your bed with this hygienic and lightweight cover.

15.  Water-Repellant Client Drape - keep your clients clean during a procedure. It is also perfect for taking consistent client before and after photos for your portfolio.

16.  Water-Repellant Table Paper - Set up the entire Sterile Kit on this water-repellent sheet. When you finish your procedure, wrap everything into the table paper and dispose of it for an easy and fast clean up.

The Sterile Kit comes in easy-to-store and transport packaging.

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