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Sharonelle Soft Wax 18oz - Single


Made in Canada
    Single 18oz tin can. For case pricing click here.

      Azulene : Formulated for thin, fast and economical applications, Contains blue oil obtained from chamomile flower providing anti-inflammatory protection, bactericidal and anti-allergenic, Contains natural organic components, Suitable for all types of hair growth.

      Honey : Made of the finest pine vegetable resin, mixture citronella oil goes on smooth, comes off clean, no residue, no stickiness.

      Cream : Formulated to melt at lower temperature, Extra protection against skin irritation due to its content of Titanium dioxide – an agent of considerable value for burns, Contains natural organic and inorganic substances, Tough to the hair – gentle to the skin, Environment safe.

      Tea tree: Tea Tree wax melts at a lower temperature and protects against infection (as a result of the pure Tea Tree oil content).


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