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Tina Davies Essential Microblade - 16 Curved Nano (8 pcs)

    A highly versatile tool — designed for beginners, but ideal for all artists looking to create precise, crisp hair strokes. Inspired by the PMU community, I created the nano microblades to give artists a more affordable, flexible needle to achieve finer hair strokes.

    Configuration: 16 needle nano microblade with a pointed tip

    Needle casing: Flexible plastic needle wrapper

    Featuring: A flexible, super fine nano blade

    Best for: Detail work and creating fine hair strokes, or use to create fuller brows

    Experience level: Built for beginners or experienced artists who prefer a nano blade

    Art ready: No assembly required



    • Surgical 316 grade stainless steel
    • 0.18mm needle
    • EO gas sterilized
    • Disposable
    • Protective cap
    • Box of 8


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