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Serene Anti-Age Protect - 2oz


Serene Anti Age Protect 2oz

  • Skincare Science does not claim SPF on its Anti-Age Protect.
  • Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin damage and loss of collagen which leads to a decrease in the thickness of the dermal layer and an increase in the visible signs of aging.
  • Skincare Science does not advocate the use of sunscreens because they are often not applied correctly and give a false sense of protection.
  • Skincare Science advises complete sun protection through the use of clothing or protective cover (i.e. umbrella or face shield). Further more, SPF ingredients are known to cause skin inflammation and this inflammation will cause increased damage to the skin and thus speeds up the aging process and does not slow it. 
  • Please note that the Anti Age Protect is the same product and ingredients as UVA UVB sunscreen.
  • The only thing that has changed is the name of the product.


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